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We've worked hard to develop and maintain great relationships with our partners. If a project needs assistance with optimization, networking or just needs some extra engineering muscle in the last few months before ship, we have a great track record over a wide variety of projects and titles. 

"They have been one of the best development partners I have had a chance to work with."

Mike Dudgeon
Former CTO

"We couldn't have asked for a better partner—they are a talented, friendly team of professionals who proved to be collaborative, organized, responsive to direction, and able to get the job done within their budget and time estimates."

Donald Mustard
Co-Founder and Creative Director  | ChAIR

"Hardsuit Labs are true professionals and I've never felt more at ease with anyone else at the wheel of a critical project. They jumped onto Chivalry 2 at a point where we needed help and they brought expertise on the platforms, flexibility in their skillset, and an attitude that helped us land the game on time."

Brian Etheridge
Publishing Director

Put us on it.

We'd love to bridge the best of the past and present with what could be possible. We can take it, own it, design it, build it—whatever you need.

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