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How We Roll

We have built our studio up over time, project by project—taking on additional responsibilities with our partners as a full-stack game developer, working with the best studios in the world.


We passionately enjoy work for hire—seizing opportunities that can help us expand and further our capabilities. We dig being a part of games larger than we could do on our own. 


We're committed to our own growth, progression and success—and doing so in a sustainable, healthy and productive way where our reputation precedes us.




We play an instrumental role at any stage of development through our extensive skillset.

Comprehensive full-stack development to ship, co-develop, port, and/or design quality gameplay experiences that create deep engagement with global audiences.

Eclectic technical skills in firefighting and optimization across all console platforms, as well as PC.

Strong expertise in multi-SKU development, UI/UX design and integration, and platform gameplay engineering.

Deep understanding of premium and free-to-play games across most popular genres. (multiplayer, action, RPG, shooters, etc.)


How We Work Together

We believe that a properly built and functioning team will ultimately deliver more than the sum of its parts. We strive to foster that dynamic.


We build our teams to properly service the product(s) and partner as needed, with efficiency and great communication all along the way.


Whether our team is narrowly focused to solve a particular problem, or is cross disciplinary, responsible for delivering a holistic end user experience—we strive to avoid individuals working by themselves without in-house partners and teammates.


We also strive to avoid any siloing that can occur when a team gets too large or too complex. We leverage our working groups and strike teams to focus on end user experiences. When and where appropriate, we leverage pipeline teams to churn through content and get it ready for the game team.


Embedding Production and QA into our teams, and partnering them with product owners, has been an integral part of our team experience, ensuring that work is properly scheduled, scoped, and hitting at or above the quality requirements that is expected.

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