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How It Started

In 2014, when a Seattle studio closed its doors, the team wanted to keep working together. Two of the crew made it happen—forming Hardsuit Labs. Over the years, we've been able to work on a ton of interesting, challenging, small and big projects. Our dream is to build great games with friends until we die. We're living the dream and loving it. In 2023, Hardsuit Labs was acquired by Keywords Studios—the global leader in game development and creative services. We're proud to be a Keywords studio, while continuing to be led by co-founders Andy Kipling and Russell Nelson.

Our Mission

We are innovative partners in the gaming industry—collaboratively crafting exceptional experiences and bridging gaps between past, current, and future development.

Our Vision

We contribute to a world of limitless creativity and possibilities for gaming and technology.

Our Values

Respect  / Respect others and self - Foster diverse perspectives and ideas - Positive and inclusive work experience - Seek understanding - Treat others as they want to be treated


Excellence / Bring your passion for games to life - Foster excellence in all you do -Build mastery of your craft - Develop premier game experiences- Pride in your work, team, and studio - Cultivate excellence


Collaboration / The whole is greater than the sum of its parts - effective, honest and respectful communication - Build trust - Break down silos - Foster cross discipline and team relationships


Resourcefulness / Meet challenges head on and overcome - Find resources to solve problems and build solutions all around you - Build perseverance to see it through to the finish line - Leverage a positive attitude - Find a way and make things happen


Versatility / Never stop learning - Innovate, experiment - Adapt, overcome and be flexible - Function outside the box and in unfamiliar environments - Be on the cutting edge - Be curious, see new opportunities, and seize them - Don’t be afraid to fail

Our Values

All People
All Stories
All Games

This is how we practice our mission, vision, and values.

If we're making games that people can relate to and be attracted to all over the world—we must have people on our team with all kinds of experiences and interests.


All people can uniquely and actively contribute to the creative process in unexpected ways over time, especially given how versatile we are as a studio. A teammate may be into gardening, and they bring an idea sparked from their knowledge. Someone may bring a unique concept because they've lived in a particular city or had experience within a particular community.


We share our stories and points of view intentionally, with inclusion and respect. We're wary of groupthink or having just one perspective at the table.


We're interested in making all kinds of games on all kinds of platforms. We know the way to be adaptable and versatile as a studio is to create all games with all people bringing all stories

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