Hardsuit Labs is looking for Interns!

Do you have passion for games and the desire to be a part of a top tear studio? Are you currently in school looking for a Content Development internship in console, handheld or PC game development? Then you are exactly what we are looking for you. Hardsuit Labs is now accepting applications for summer internships in our ART Department. Don’t be shy; apply now. We would love to hear from you!

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Double GP Birthday Concludes with over 79,000,000 bonus GP earned!

The Double GP weekend to celebrate HSL’s own Michael “lord_alf” Athey’s birthday has come to a close! Thank you everyone who came out and participated. All together BLR Ps4 players earned over 79,000,000 bonus GP this weekend. The turn out was awesome!


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It’s not too late to send birthday wishes along!

Hardsuit Labs and Shinra Technologies

Hardsuit Labs and Shinra Technologies have partnered up. We here at Hardsuit Labs are excited to be working on Shinra’s cutting edge technology. More information can be found in the press release HERE.

Exciting news for BLR on PC

Today we let everyone know that Perfect World and Hardsuit Labs are working together to update the PC version of BLR with all the latest maps,items and all the other content we’ve developed over the last year. We’ll be releasing additional info about the plan and how it will affect players as time goes on.

Check out the announcement post on the official forums here and participate in the discussion!

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Start of a new day

It has been quite the busy New Year for us here at Hardsuit Labs. There have been lots of big changes afoot as I am sure you can imagine. We are still in the midst of getting the studio off the ground, looking for new office space in the Seattle area, and are wrapping up general business startup obligations with expectations for it to be finalized soon.

Also, as you can see, we have changed our name. Up until now we have been operating as Builder Box.  Moving forward however we will be known as Hardsuit Labs. The short story for the name change is that we encountered some resistance to Builder Box and have decided that it would be easier for us to re-brand than to engage that battle. So, without any further ado we are now Hardsuit Labs. (For serious this time)

What are we looking to accomplish for Blacklight: Retribution? I am glad you asked.

•    Commercial release of Blacklight: Retribution in Russia
•    Big update to BLR PC in the US and EU
•    Continued development of content for all BLR regions
•    Release of the Icestorm Update!

We will update our Twitter feed with additional information as we move through this year.

For immediate support of Blacklight: Retribution we ask that you head over to the support page on our site. Support for both PC and PS4 is ongoing 24/7.

We hope this update satisfies your immediate curiosity for what is happening at Hardsuit Labs and with Blacklight: Retribution. Please feel free to post your comments to this at our Facebook page or to us via Twitter. We will update you with more information once the dust settles.