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Blacklight PS4 Hotfix 2.15

We have a hotfix release today that won’t require any server downtime.

This will fix the following:

Bug Fixes
- Fixed issues with private games becoming public after a round
- Fixed host migration making public games private after several host migrations
- Fixed issues with PS4 presence updates
- Fixed issue with playlist locks being reported as off by one
- Fixed pings always showing up as 0ms on PS4
- Updated base engine achievement XP

Blacklight February Update


Hello fellow Agents and welcome to the BLR February 2016 update.

We have been working hard to knock out bugs and glitches that you have been finding and submitting via the Blacklight Service Desk; thank you very much for your help and support with those. We have also enhanced areas of the game and created some new content for the community, all of which we hope you enjoy.

We are planning to release the next update on 2-Feb-2016 at 5:00 PST.


First up, let’s get the top three issues submitted that we knocked out for the community.

  • – Tweaked the SMG
    – Mega glitch fixes on Rig
    – Missions not awarding GP

These three issues were the most reported by the community and fixed in this update. You can find the complete patch notes HERE.

New Features

Training Level

We have updated and brought the training level back. The training level is a work in progress for us; the intent of the level is to explain the core mechanics of Blacklight Retribution to players new and old. Check it out and see what you might learn as a strategic advantage against others.

Prestige System and Leveling

Brand new with this update is an improved leveling model for Blacklight. We have increased the level cap to 100 instead of 69 [Ed. “Giggity”] and introduced a cyclical prestige system. Once you hit level 100 you will have the option of receiving 1 rank of prestige, which will then start you at level 1 of your next rank of prestige. For every 100 levels you earn, you can exchange them for 1 level of prestige.

We have also reduced the time it takes to reach maximum level. Over the long term the progression scale is much longer than it used to be. The amount of XP to reach our new max level of 100 is much shorter than the amount of XP required to hit the previous cap of 69. At this time we have not implemented any cap on the prestige levels.


In the image above, the large 15 is the level and the smaller number in the black box is the prestige. In that example SpragUI has leveled prestige 23 times (working on his 24th); so that’s effectively level 100 done 23 times.  Additionally, as you prestige more, the background to your levels will update.

Why do this?

We want those who have been playing and grinding for a long time to be able to show off the amount of XP they’ve earned and be proud of the amount of time they have spent playing Blacklight. At the same time, the future will bring more rewards to players based on their level and prestige progression.  Implementing this system meets the needs for this and builds the foundation from which to do more!

Be sure to visit the Prestige Tab in the Social menu to find your Prestige.


After Action Report Screen

Also new in this update is a redesigned AAR. The UI team greatly improved the previous AAR screen, making XP and GP earnings a lot clearer and more stylish.


Lotto Boxes

Hey, look at this! Blacklight is going to have Lotto and Chance Boxes again. Starting in February we will be releasing monthly Lotto Boxes. The contents of the box will be carefully curated and will change monthly.

February Lotto Box

We are also introducing Holiday Lotto Boxes! Holiday items are typically only for sale during the limited holiday period of that specific year. Once the holiday item goes on sale it will most likely never be on sale again with the exception being through these Holiday Lotto Boxes! Not limited to just Holidays, we plan on having Event driven Lotto Boxes too.

Valentine's Lotto Box




Valentine’s Event

Starting February 2nd and lasting through February 29th, Blacklight will have a few Valentine’s Day events and items for the community to have fun with. Included in that are two awesome missions that will liven up your Valentine’s Day.

Cupid’s Kiss – Mission

All you have to do is die in this one. Seems pretty easy except for the fact that your opponent has to kill you with the viral Cupid’s Arrow, which is a special ammo type for the Compound Bow. The reward for this is the Cupid’s Arrow, which will allow you to complete the “Spread the Love” mission.

Cupid's Kiss

Spread the Love – Mission

If you kill 30 enemies with Cupid’s Arrow before the event is over, then you will receive the LOVE KILLS title proving once and for all that love is a dangerous game. For every person you kill, you will also be assisting someone else with the Cupid’s Kiss mission above. It’s a share-share mission of love.

Spread the Love

Holiday Items

  • Weapon and Body Camo – Love Fool
  • Weapon Tag – My Bleeding Heart
  • Weapon Tag – War of the Roses
  • Compound Bow Skin – Cupid’s QT Pi
  • Grenade – I Heart U

RoseTag_04 grenade_03 HeartTag_01


Last up, the BLR Editor. This is still a work in progress for us. Focus is still on stability and improvements to Blacklight, along with introducing new content.

In Closing

We hope you enjoy this update and new content, and we look forward to hearing your thoughts on it. As always, if you find any new bugs or glitches please report them via the Blacklight Service Desk HERE.

Blacklight December 2015 Update


Patch PC available 15 December 2015
Patch PS4 available ETA 18 December 2015
Holiday Items available starting this Friday, 18 December 2015

Hello Agents,

Blacklight’s first ever December Holiday content patch.

With the patch drop this month we are introducing new holiday content and are fixing up some of our social systems that have been misbehaving. On PS4 we have finally fixed Clans and they should be good to go after some initial live ops testing. On PC we have fixed up the friends list and private matches! Yay! Additionally, for both platforms we have added a level-restricted playlists, and multi-playlist selector for PS4.

Probably the biggest change to Blacklight with this patch will be the retirement of Blacklight Prime. Prime is going away, players that have Prime will retain the title as well as be given the new GP Duplicator. The GP Duplicator is a permanent item you can purchase in the store that doubles your GP earn, gives you the “Duplicity” title, and updates the Prime icon to a GP Duplicator icon. At this time the GP Duplicator is not stackable, though this is something we are looking at for a possible future update.

Level restrictions have been removed from all items. This is a first step in a long line of store and item changes we will be making throughout next year. We have subsequently adjusted GP prices across the board and have enabled all non-cosmetic items to be purchasable for GP, permanently. You do not need to own the GP Duplicator for this; it is base functionality of Blacklight now, regardless of your level.

For additional bug fixes in this patch, head over to the official patch notes page.

Happy holidays everyone!
-Hardsuit Labs