As a writer, returning to a certain world or character is like catching an old scent that transports you back to a specific time and place in your life, and when it came to slipping back into the mindset of Vampire, it felt effortless. The great thing about the World of Darkness is that there are always more stories to tell – sometimes thousands even in the same city.  Bloodlines 2 may be separated by fifteen years from the original, but the feeling of the original is still here. From Day 1, it’s been vital to infuse the sequel with the same essence.
In the last few years, Hardsuit Labs has been growing a team to make a sequel to one of the most beloved cult RPGs of all time and we are all well aware of how insanely ambitious that is. We have posters all over the walls stating our primary pillar: Be a True Descendant of Bloodlines. It’s a great motto, but until we were on the streets of late-night Seattle stalking NPCs or having a branching conversation with one of the many new characters, only then was it a reality. That’s when it really hit us – we are making a Bloodlines game! And all throughout the process, the excitement of the many diehard fans at Paradox have confirmed that holy shit this is happening!
I am so looking forward to sharing all this with you. By the time it gets in your hands, it’s going to smell so familiar that you’ll hardly remember that it’s been gone. I assure you, this is the Bloodlines 2 you were waiting for.
– Brian Mitsoda, Narrative Lead