Blacklight Hotfix 2.17


Comin’ in Hot! We are┬áreleasing a quick hotfix to resolve some issues.

We had some issues that we rushed out a fix for so you can continue the fun BLR experience.

Bug Fixes:

– Fix crashes related to Http requests
– Improve trophy unlock handling for PS4
– Fix not being able to assign the same taunt to more than one slot
– Improved PSN handling for PS4
– Fixed framerate drops in some cases
– Fixed missing suicide notifications
– Fixed revival injector not showing recharge progress
– Fixed R3 opening up the player inspect in the social menu
– Fixed cross-game invites
– Fixed issues with Rivals / Warlords and team switching
– Fixed Hardsuit Battle Mode
– Fixed dead pawn cleanup issues in Onslaught
– Fixed issues with host migration and spectators
– Fixed Ready Up buttons not working as designed
– Fixed level restrictions in some cases
– Fixed unstable ping reporting
– Fixed spectate abuse, deaths now remain when you switch to spectator
– Fixed dropped pickups being overly difficult to… pick up
– Fixed issues with matchmaking weighting
– Fixed issues causing player invisibility
– Fixed issues causing player cameras to do strange things on revives in some cases
– Fixed issues with empty searches
– Fixed a small memory leak with chat restricted players
– Fixed issues with the backup host selection