Great jobs for awesome people!


We might as well admit it: we’re obsessive about our people and our culture here at Hardsuit Labs. We believe in hiring a mix of seasoned industry veterans and talented young upstarts, but talent and shipped titles aren’t enough; we’re looking for people who bring a variety of experiences and perspectives – people who we can spend time with, and people who can navigate the unpredictable waters of modern game development as a tight-knit group.

We believe in low turnover, and take steps to guard against the “staff-up and lay-off” cycle that is so common in this industry. When we hire, we hire for the long term, and we’re unapologetically picky about it.

Our Benefits

We take our commitment to our people seriously, and we make sure that our benefits directly reflect that commitment; we’re always looking to improve quality of life for our people in any way we can.

  • Health / Dental / Vision
  • Life and Disability Insurance
  • 401K Program + Company Match
  • Unlimited Vacation Time
  • 9 Sick Days / 9 Holidays