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Concept Artist


We are looking for a talented, keen-eyed Concept Artist with a strong vision and genuine passion for games!

As a Concept Artist at Hardsuit Labs, you will be working closely with fellow artists, writers and designers developing captivating, story-driven and realistic environment layout sketches and character concept art.


You will be responsible for creating unique and exciting concept art for environments, characters and other game assets. A successful candidate is an avid researcher at heart and is able to present a clear process of research and exploration that supports their final art. Can demonstrate the ability to capture the pervading tone or mood of the environment through lighting and captivating scene composition. 

Basic Qualifications

  • A minimum of 2 year’s experience in game development as a concept artist.
  • Ability to quickly iterate concepts given input from the Art Director
  • Professional attitude and an ability to give and receive constructive criticism
  • An exceptional understanding of mood, lighting, and architecture with a keen eye for materials, form, shape, structure, and storytelling in environmental design.
  • Strong foundation in the traditional arts, including, but not limited to, figure drawing, landscape painting, color theory, illustration, and photography.
  • The ability to carry an idea from the conceptual phase to the finished illustration and an understanding of translating these ideas to real-time game content
  • Self-driven, good communicator and a great team-player
  • Working knowledge of a 3d modeling package.
  • Ability to convey strong design through a whole spectrum of work including environments, vehicles, props, weapons, and characters.
  • Great tridimensional sense, able to translate designs and create multiple views of the same object or character.
  • Have a creative workflow that permits iteration and idea brainstorming in a fast way.
  • Adaptability to work fast on brainstorming tasks and the drive to deliver more time consuming finished pieces.

Extra Credit

  • Strong understanding of character proportion and costume design
  • Strong interest in photography and cinematic techniques.
  • Storyboarding experience.
  • AA/BFA or demonstration through portfolio, an industry standard level of art
  • A passion for games

Submission / Portfolio requirements

  • Resume (PDF format only)
  • Brief Cover Letter (PDF format only)
  • Portfolio and/or reel demonstrating relevant artistic skills (executable files will not be accepted/reviewed)
  • Must be willing to complete an art test if requested to do so


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