September 2016 Patch

We are targeting Tuesday, 13-September for the next Blacklight Retribution update on all platforms. With this update players will be receiving the latest client with bug fixes and new features, and the servers will be updated in tandem for additional bug […]

Blacklight Hotfix 2.17

Comin’ in Hot! We are releasing a quick hotfix to resolve some issues. We had some issues that we rushed out a fix for so you can continue the fun BLR experience. Bug Fixes: – Fix crashes related to Http requests […]

Blacklight March Update

HELLO FELLOW AGENTS AND WELCOME TO THE BLR MARCH 2016 UPDATE As always we continue to work to get all bugs that we can fixed that are reported through BSD. Thanks for helping us out there and we will address […]

Spring Event

Starting on March 22nd and lasting until April 5th, we will have a Spring Event. Be sure to play it while it lasts! The Spring Event has an ultimate mission. If you collect all 10 Bunny Ear Trophies before April 5th, […]

St. Patrick’s Day Event

Starting on March 8th and lasting until March 22nd, we will have a St. Patrick’s Day Event. Be sure to play it while it lasts! Pots Of Gold – Mission For St. Patrick’s Day we have created a special playlist: Four […]

Blacklight PS4 Hotfix 2.15

We have a hotfix release today that won’t require any server downtime. This will fix the following: Bug Fixes – Fixed issues with private games becoming public after a round – Fixed host migration making public games private after several […]

Blacklight February Update

Hello fellow Agents and welcome to the BLR February 2016 update. We have been working hard to knock out bugs and glitches that you have been finding and submitting via the Blacklight Service Desk; thank you very much for your help […]

Blacklight December 2015 Update

Patch PC available 15 December 2015 Patch PS4 available ETA 18 December 2015 Holiday Items available starting this Friday, 18 December 2015 Hello Agents, Blacklight’s first ever December Holiday content patch. With the patch drop this month we are introducing new […]

Server Maintenance

Greetings, We have to go into a server maintenance for a couple of hours we will keep you updated when the servers are back up! Edit 1: This is still going. We are not patching or implementing bug fixes at […]

Cyber Monday

This is the last day of the 50% Sale!