About Our Studio

The Lab

Based out of Seattle Washington, Hardsuit Labs strives to deliver the best in UE4 game design as well as UE3 game porting to current gen consoles.

After running around the industry for the better part of two decades we decided to start a studio that embraced the culture and passion of what we do – making fun, cool games. With that goal in mind Hardsuit Labs was founded, our mission to be a premier game developer through engagement, encouragement and empowerment of our employees. The fostering of a creative, collaborative, and courteous work environment, and the development of great products and services for our clients. Ultimately cultivating a love and passion for the work we do, the place we do it, and the people we do it with.

Hardsuit Labs is the owner, operator, developer and publisher of Blacklight Retribution.  You can find the game on the PS4’s PlayStation®Store and in North America and Europe from Perfect World’s Arc Games.

Hardsuit Labs is a registered developer for the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4 and Steam. We are a studio that excels with Unreal Engine 3 and 4 development, as well as team that has self-published its own titles. Everything from game design, content, engineering, backend, QA, and publishing. We were the first team to ship two PS4 titles in the first five months of console launch, with Blacklight Retribution being a launch title that we self-published. We are proud to say we were the first to launch a UE4 title, and that was launched on both PC and PS4.


Hardsuit Labs
4025 Delridge Way SW, #210
Seattle, WA 98106
(206) 739-5058